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January 20, 2021………… 402,400
January 26, 2021………… 421,239

World War II……………. 405,399

War of 1812…………….. 15,000
Mexican War………………. 13,823
Spanish War……………….. 2,446
Philippine War……………. 4,196
World War I…………….. 116,516
Korean War………………. 36,516
Vietnam War…………….. 58,209
Iraq 1990-91………………… 294
9/11/2001…………………. 2,977
Afghanistan since 20012,216
Iraq since 2003……………. 4,573
TOTAL…………………….. 256,766

Prisons and Jails are COVID-19 Super-Spreaders

SF Bay View – January 1, 2021

Inmates in federal prisons, state prisons and local jails should be in the first cohort of people to be offered COVID-19 vaccinations.

One in five prisoners in the U.S. has been reported to have had COVID-19. That’s 20% of people behind bars. And that is likely a “vast undercount,” according to Homer Venters, the former chief medical officer at New York’s Rikers Island jail complex.

If compassion for prisoners does not move policy makers or the general public, then eyes should turn to a pair of recent studies, one by the Prison Policy Initiative and the other by the Marshall Project, focused on prisons and jails in the U.S. According to data in these two reports:

  • Prisons and jails are “super-spreaders” of the virus, not only among prisoners, but also among people in the communities where prisons and jails are located. It may be hard for a prisoner to break out of jail, but the virus gets out easily, hosted by guards, medical staff, maintenance staff, transportation workers, administrators and visitors.
  • Prisons and jails were responsible for over HALF A MILLION reported COVID-19 infections, 566,804 to be exact – in May, June and July alone. That was 13% of all new cases in the country during those months.
  • A big majority of those half-a-million-plus infections were among people who are NOT incarcerated, rather in the communities in which our prisons and jails are located[More]

Chesa Boudin is Not the First San Francisco District Attorney to Charge a Police Officer with Homicide
48 Hills – December 1, 2020

Both the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner have reported that the charging of former police officer Christopher Samayoa with manslaughter is the first time in San Francisco history that a district attorney has charged a police officer with homicide.

Those reports are wrong. I know this because my late aunt served on the jury in the manslaughter trial of police officer Michael R. O’Brien, charged with shooting dead a Black truck driver named George Baskett in 1968. I don’t want to take anything away from District Attorney Chesa Boudin for his bold action, but this story needs to be told.

Let’s hope that the Samayoa trial doesn’t end in the same kerfuffle that the O’Brien trial did… [More]

Giants and Warriors Workers Fight Back
48 Hills – August 16, 2020

UPDATE: Click here.

The San Francisco Giants returned home on Friday, August 14 and found themselves being picketed by the workers who normally sell garlic fries and beer to the fans. This must have been bad karma, as both Friday and Saturday the Giants blew a big lead over the Oakland A’s in the ninth inning, then got blown away by the A’s on Sunday 15-3. In fact, ever since the Giants fired their concession workers on July 27, the team has lost 13 out of 19 games…

There are stories circulating that the Giants are considering rescinding these boneheaded terminations, but none of us have seen anything official yet. There are also rumors that the Giants might start winning games… [More]

Giants and Warriors Give their Workers the Boot
48 Hills – August 4, 2020

I got the email firing me from my job at the Giants ballpark on Monday evening, July 27. On Tuesday evening I learned from the San Francisco Examiner website that I was also being fired from my job at the Warriors new stadium, and that there were 2,154 other food service workers being shown the door at these two sports venues. That was a pretty cold way to get the news.

Stadium workers are overwhelmingly people of color. San Francisco stadium workers in particular have a large contingent of Black workers, in part because the Giants and 49ers old Candlestick Park stadium was located in Bayview-Hunters Point. Both the Giants and the Warriors have been bragging about supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, but are now kicking their Black, Latino, and Asian workers to the curb… [More]

Reopening vs. Lockdown
is a False Dichotomy

Broke-Ass Stuart – July 3, 2020

California is seeing a surge in coronavirus infections, and most of our government misleaders, from Governor Gavin Newsom on down, are trying to sweep the true story under the rug with the same kind of blowhard fake news that we hear from the Trump administration.

The politicians don’t want to admit that the real problem is a serious lack of testing, contact tracing, and quarantining of infected people.

Instead, they present us with a false dichotomy: “reopening” vs. lockdown. But without adequate testing, contact tracing and quarantining, both of those options are deadly. Lockdown is slow death and economic strangulation. “Reopening” means a surge of death, but maximization of profit for the corporate elite… [More]

More U.S. Deaths in COVID-19
Pandemic Than in World War I

Countercurrents – June 20, 2020

World War I is over.
The COVID-19 pandemic marches on… [More]

The Tenderloin Containment Zone: A Photo Essay
Beyond Chron – April 28, 2020

San Francisco is openly violating its own Department of Public Health guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, turning the sidewalks of the Tenderloin into a containment zone for the homeless – in a 20,000 person neighborhood right next to City Hall, while keeping large public spaces like Civic Center and Union Square empty, and leaving thousands of hotel rooms unoccupied… [More]

48 Hills – April 9, 2020

Social Distance

I am very tired of hearing about “social distancing.” We do not need SOCIAL distancing. We need PHYSICAL distancing. What we need is SOCIAL SOLIDARITY[More]

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